A native of southwestern Michigan, Stephanie Visser relocated to sunny southern California.  Educated at Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids Michigan.  She continued her education in fine arts and painting at Western Michigan University and Pasadena College of Art and Design.

Stephanie Visser uses color, light and emotion to articulate abstract compositions on canvas.  Her mature working methodology is inspired by instruction received at the graduate level layered upon a classical arts education. (Visser holds a BFA from Kendall College of Art and Design.) The ideas for the canvases are distilled from techniques that she learned from Mary Winterfield, whom she  counts as one of the primary influences to her current painting style.  Winterfield, an instructor at the Pasadena College of art and Design studied at the the Arts Student League of New York and the Cape School under Henry Hensche, taught her the spatial push pull theories of Hans Hoffman as well the use of color keys to depict the color of light itself.  Visser employs what she terms abstract simplification to create strong soaring work.  

The subject matter of Visser’s paintings is nonspecific.  The work is inspired through her emotions and intuition, transformation and spirituality.  Meaning is not represented but implied and captured on a higher plane. People, places or things reveal themselves to the viewer as non-pictorial representations that are deeply intimate and suggestive. Composition meets paint where the tug of sensation comforts, or pinches, stirring up emotion and memory. These are mind photographs that reflect and evoke everyday life as sunlight and shadows; stillness and movement; as well as sound and quiet

The paintings, usually in series, are created from acrylic, oil, and other mixed-media on a multitude of surfaces.  Her process is an active physical event or series of events that begins by laying down a gesture.  This leads to color, shape, and form.  Much like a Rorschach inkblot but infinitely more subtle. Images are built layer upon layer through translucent color washes, scumbled paint, markings and collage elements made up of bits and pieces of cast off materials used to enrich the surface.  The paintings reveal a lyrical, magical and often mysterious world lit from the inside-out.

She is currently represented by Wall-Space Gallery in Los Angeles, California, Top-Art of San Diego, California and is licensed in Australia and New Zeeland.  Her work has been featured on screen and television and is in collections around the USA and abroad.  Currently she is preparing for an upcoming show which will be held June through August 2016 on the shores of Lake Michigan in South Haven, Michigan at the South Haven Center for the Arts.