Artist Statement: Stephanie Visser  

My work has changed dramatically in the past couple of years becoming more about an idea than an emotional  moment in time.  The people, places and things that reveal themselves, are specific, inspired by emotions, intuition, transformation and spirituality.  Meaning is implied and captured but may or may not be recognizable as someone or something known or remembered.   That name or word you struggle for on the tip of the tongue.  Memories and impressions of current places and places from the past, reminiscent of the shore, the city street, the wooded hillside, the neighborhood, the highway.  Exploring tone, pattern, light, space and color, those memories and impressions trigger form.  A pictorial representation that is deeply intimate and suggestive, where the tug of sensations that comfort, or pinch, stirring up emotion and memory.  Mind photographs that reflect and  evoke everyday life as sunlight and shades, stillness and movement as well as sound and quiet.  I am a perpetual voyeur.  Standing back, observing and imagining in some way what goes on behind the surface, the color of  life lived sometimes in quiet desperation, sometimes inexplicably ordinary but more often mysteriously beautiful no matter how humble.

Painting itself is a physical act that connects my outer world to my unconscious in an immediate way.  I paint from the inside out incorporating  movement, energy and intuition.  Usually done in series, the work is made up of acrylic, oil, and other mixed-media on a multitude of surfaces.  The process begins by laying down a gesture.  This leads to color, shape, and form.  Much like a Rorschach inkblot but infinitely more subtle. Images are built layer upon layer through translucent color washes, scumbled paint, markings and collage elements made up of bits and pieces of cast off materials which are used to enrich the surface.  revealing a lyrical, magical and often mysterious world lit from the inside-out.